11 – 16 March: GNA claims that Russian and Sudanese fighters have returned to Sirte

Mar 18, 2021 | International actors

This week, fresh reports emerged to suggest that international actors had not recalled foreign operatives from Libya.

On 8 March, reports indicated that, following the UAE’s drawdown in Eritrea, Abu Dhabi transferred military equipment and personnel to an Egyptian military base at Sidi Barrani, 95 kilometres from Egypt’s border with Libya. According to the report, 1,300 military vehicles, including aircraft and Patriot missile defence systems, have been transferred to Alexandria for onward transport to Sidi Barrani.

On 12 March, the Spokesperson of the GNA Jufra/Sirte Operations Room, Brigadier Abdul Hameed Draa, stated that Russian and Sudanese mercenaries have returned to Sirte following their brief withdrawal ahead of the House of Representatives (HoR) session in the city. According to Draa, a total of 12 coaches took Wagner private military contractors and Darfurian mercenaries to al-Qardabiya airbase and the Jalitt barrack in Sirte.