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12-19 January : GNA leaders and military officials sign so-called ‘code of honour’ agreement

On 12 January, the GNA’s Defence Minister reportedly sign so-called ‘code of honour’ agreement with the GNA’s Chief of Staff, and the commanders of the GNA’s western, central and Tripoli military zones. This step is meant to quiet otherwise rising intra-Tripolitanian militia tensions. On 18 January, the Head of the GNA appointed the leaders of the ‘Stability Support Apparatus’, a new entity to undertake operations related to national security issues.

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1 August – 7 August: Clashes between militia groups throughout Tripoli

On 1 August, the Special Deterrence Force (Rada) killed a man thought to be from the al-Burga militia in the Tajoura area of Tripoli. On 2 August, forces under Ghneiwa al-Kikli captured a clothes and textile factory in the Al-Hadba al-Badry area of Tripoli. On 31 July and 1 August, a series of clashes occurred between the Surman CID and the al-Nasr militia.

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Anti-GNA Force Formed in Tripoli

On 9 February, forces who oppose the UN-backed GNA announced the formation of the ‘Libyan National Guard’ (LNG) in Tripoli. A number of militias from western Libya announced they had joined the LNG forces and clashes broke out with rival factions in capital.

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Clashes Around Ministry of Labour Building in Tripoli

In Tripoli, sporadic clashes took place last week between various militias affiliated with the Government of National Accord (GNA), and other hard-line anti-Haftar, Islamist militias nominally loyal to Khalifa al-Ghwell. Ghniwa’s forces attempted to retake control of the Ministry of Labor buildings at Hadba near the Military Academy buildings. The MoL building was taken over by al-Ghwell’s militias last week in an attempted ‘coup’.

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Other 18 Oct 16

Both in the lead-up to, and the aftermath of, al-Ghwell’s ‘coup’ attempt, Tripoli witnessed several minor clashes between various pro-GNA and anti-GNA militias all across the city, while in Benghazi fighting continues between the LNA and BSRC and ISIS fighters in Ganfuda and Sabri.

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