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13 March – 19 March: Eastern-based Interim government launches new security operation

On 17 March, the eastern-based Interim government’s launched a security operation to remove “terrorists and criminals” from Libya’s South. On 13 March, al-Bunyan al-Marsous spokesman stated that an attack on Sirte by the LNA would be a declaration of war. On 15 March, the LNA released three Zawiyyan prisoners from Qirnada Prison in eastern Libya. On 18 March, the PC has agreed on a budget of around 48.6 billion LYD for 2019.

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How to use our archiveThe Libya Security Monitor (LSM) has an archive covering the most significant security incidents since June 2014. Our updates...

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5 – 11 June: ISIS suspected of being involved in IED attack targeting police in Derna

On 3 June, ISIS is suspected of undertaking an attack on the al-Fuqaha gate. On 4 June, ISIS is suspected of being involved in an IED attack in Derna. On 8 June, BAM spokesperson stated that ISIS sleeper cells were observed in the Garabulli district east of Tripoli. On 10 June, a suspected ISIS member was arrested in the Shabia area of Sirte. On 9 June, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian suggested that ISIS was resurgent in the Fezzan.

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