Day: October 25, 2017

17-24 October: LNA alleges that Qatar is funneling ISIS fighters to the south of Libya

Sources from the LNA allegedly told UAE based news outlet, Alittihad, that Qatar is transferring ISIS militants to Libya, after major losses in Iraq and Syria. In Misrata the crackdown on Islamist hardliners and suspected ISIS collaborators continues, last week 13 people were arrested connection with terrorism. On October 19, the LNA allegedly arrested a former ISIS member, Anis Bujeela al-Awami, who was hiding in Derna.

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17-24 October: Salame remains optimistic as UN-facilitated Libyan political talks come to a standstill

On 22 October, the second batch of meetings in the UN-facilitated Libyan political talks concluded without setting a plan or agenda for the next gathering. Salame insists that in spite of controversy over ‘bottle neck’ issues, there was progress made in the latest discussions. On 23 October, the Egyptian military reported that its air force struck a convoy of eight vehicles carrying munitions near Egypt’s western border with Libya.

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17-24 October: The LNA and Haftar himself, strengthen ties in Libya’s west

Since taking control over Sabratha in early October, Khalifa Haftar has strengthened his relationship with several important military leaders in the west of Libya. This week Misratan General Salem Juha, endorsed Haftar as leader of the national army. It is reported that Haftar met with the GNA’s Commander of the Western Region during his trip to the UAE earlier last week. On October 20, a large militia in Sabratha, the Sareyyat al-Orouba, turned itself over to the LNA-affiliated AIOR. On 17 October, intense clashes erupted at Tripoli port after the GNA’s Presidential Guard and the Nawasi Brigade tried to take the port by force. The Presidential Guard secured the facility on 22 October, and it is now operational. On October 19, the Megarha tribe cut off water supplies to Tripoli, in an effort to secure the release of Mabrouk al-Hniesh from Rada Special Deterrence Force.

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