Day: October 18, 2017

11-17 October: Agreement reached on families of Tunisian ISIS fighters held in Mitiga

On 14 October, Ahmed Ben Salem, the spokesman for RADA Special Deterrence Force based in Tripoli, stated that the group has come to an agreement with Tunisian authorities regarding the extradition of woman and children Tunisian prisoners held in Mitiga Prison. The Tunisian newspaper, Al-Sabah, reported that Ben Salem said the agreement entailed the extradition of twenty-one children.

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11-17 October: Misratan security forces arrest two senior BDB leaders on links to terrorist groups

In the wake of the ISIS attack in Mirata earlier this month, on 11 October, clashes broke out between hard-line fighters affiliated with Islamist factions and Misratan security forces, during a security operation in al-Sakt area south of Misrata city. Thirteen people were arrested, including two senior leaders of the BDD. In Washington D.C., Ahmed Abu Khattala is currently on trial for his alleged involvement in the September 2012 attack on the US Special Mission in Benghazi that killed 4 Americans.

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11-17 October: 2nd Round of UNSMIL Meetings on Libyan Political Agreement Completed in Tunis

On 15 October, the UN Support Mission in Libya’s (UNSMIL) new Joint Drafting Committee, including members of both the House of Representatives (HoR) and the High Council of State (HCS), met again in Tunis to negotiate amendments to the Libyan Political Agreement (LPA). In particular, they debated the final draft articles concerning the appointment of the Prime Minister (PM), the Government and the new Presidential Council (PC).

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11-17 October: LNA claims more territory west of Tripoli

On 6 October a militia affiliated with theLNA, expelled the Anas Dabbashi militia from Sabratha and Mellitah Oil and Gas Complex, with the approval of the GNA. Local communities who support the LNA victory are demonstrating against the Sabratha Municipal Council, and are demanding that the mayor to resign. On 14 October, Haftar gave a speech at a gathering of security officials in Benghazi, and said that it was unlikely that the UN led political path was the only way forward, instead implying that a military solution “approved by the people” remains possible.

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