Day: October 11, 2017

4-10 October: Eastern Committee for Issuing Fatwas called for Jihad in Sabratha

The Supreme Committee for Issuing Fatwas (Al-Lajna al-‘Ulya li-l-Ifta’), which is based in the eastern city Al-Bayda and is associated with Khalifa Haftar, has called for Jihad in Sabratha against “Kharijites,” a term used by Dignity Operation members to label their opponents. The announcement follows the Committee’s controversial Fatwa denouncing Ibadis earlier this summer. Following this announcement the eastern government, headed by Abdullah Al-Thanni, ordered mosques in the region to perform Qunut prayers to ask God to defeat the “Kharijites” in Sabratha.

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4-10 October: ISIS attack on Misratan court kills five, ISIS cell discovered in Ruwaisat area

An ISIS suicide bomb attack which targeted a Misratan court complex in the centre of the city on 4 October, killed four people and wounded several more after ISIS fighters opened fire on the complex and one attacked detonated a suicide belt. Local support of security forces in clamping down against militia members connected with terrorist organizations is rising. It is reported that an ISIS cell was arrested and its armory, including high power explosives, was found in the Ruwaisat area.

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4-10 October: UNSC Endorses Salame’s Libya Roadmap

Ghassan Salame met with the Khalifa Haftar, in Benghazi on 5 October, a day after the UN representative met with Ageelah Saleh, leader of the HoR. Following the meeting Salame confirmed that Haftar has stated his support for the new UN roadmap for Libya. UNSC affirms that it “Endorses the UN’s Action Plan for the resumption of an inclusive Libyan-owned political process. Prior to this announcement, the UNSC extended its authorization to seize vessels suspected of smuggling and human trafficking through Libya until fall of 2018.

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4-10 October:  Protests Disrupt HoR Session Days Before Tunis Talks Due To Restart

On 6 October, the Anti-ISIS Operations Room, a force friendly with both GNA and LNA authorities, announced its control of Sabratha after defeating the Anas Dabbashi Brigade following three weeks of intense fighting that ultimately left 39 people dead and 300 others wounded. HoR meeting to discuss the LPA planned for 9 October, was postponed after protestors blocked the building entrances.

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