Day: September 26, 2017

20-26 Sept: US Airstrikes Kill 17 ISIS Fighters Near Sirte

On 22 September, the US conducted an unmanned airstrike on an ISIS camp about 150 miles south-east of Sirte, reportedly killing 17 ISIS fighters and destroying 3 vehicles. ISIS’s Wilayat Barqa, published a long video last week praising the ISIS suicide car bomb attack in Nawfaliyah and the Fugha checkpoint massacres in August.  

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20-26 Sept: Salame Unveils Libya Roadmap at UNGA

On 20 September, Salame outlined the proposed new UN roadmap for Libya at a high level meeting on Libya at UNGA. The roadmap consists of a 3 stage process: limited amendments to the LPA, a National Congress Conference of all Libyan actors to agree and endorse the new government and constitutional amendments, and finally a referendum and elections.

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20-26 Sept: Igtet Demo Flops; Sabratha Clashes Intensify

Protests led by Basit Igtet in Marytrs square drew crowds but not as many as expected and the protest appeared to fizzle out without incident. Clashes in Sabratha between Dabbashi and Anti-ISIS force have escalated with civilians killed and other forces attempting to mobilize from Zawiyya and Watiya airbase to support their allies.

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