Day: December 22, 2015

Action 22 Dec 2015

Rumors are rife throughout Sirte and local social media regarding the arrival of key ISIS personalities from Iraq…. In Tripoli, a Sufi Zawiya (shrine) was bombed in the city center area of Abu Meshmasha in the late hours of Monday 21 December.

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Western — 22 Dec 2015

On Sunday night 20 Dec, there were new reports of ‘unidentified’ low-flying, surveillance aircraft over ISIS territory east of Sirte, near Noufaliyah, Um Qandil and Bin Jawwad, a town just 40km from Sidra and Ras Lanuf, the largest oil terminals in Libya. Sources speculate that the aircraft are likely French jets flying from the French Carrier Charles De Gaulle…. In fact, prominent Islamists and political hardliners in Tripoli are saying that the purpose of the GNA is to rubber stamp international intervention against all Islamist forces, a potently dangerous rhetoric as it risks emboldening extremist groups and IS even further. In a recent statement by Dar Al Ifta, the religious establishment headed by the Grand Mufti in Tripoli, Sadeq Al Gheryani, the GNA is deemed against Sharia due to its illegitimate and unconstitutional origins.

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Other — 22 Dec 2015

Clashes broke out in Ajdabiya on 15 December after LNA units, headed by Ltn. Mohammed Daooud Al Gabsi of border guard brigade, and Ltn. Mohammed Ebsit, deputy commander of the Ajdabiya operations room, began manhunts for members of the Ajdabiya Revolutionary Shura Council (ARSC) in the city, allegedly affiliated with Ansar Al Sharia. … In Benghazi, The Revolutionary Shura Council (BRSC) published some photos, showing an IED exploding against LNA soldiers in the district of Bu-Atni.

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Anti — 22 Dec 2015

In Sabratha, after the latest explosion destroying the old intelligence building in the city, the council issued a strong statement and began taking urgent steps to mitigate the threat, implementing a state of emergency throughout the city, establishing a joint operations room, setting up barricades and checkpoints and beginning a registration of all foreigners throughout the city…. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE A PHOTO COLLAGE OF ISLAMIC STATE ACTIONS AND VISUAL MATERIAL FROM THE PAST WEEK, CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS SAFE ZIPFILE.

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